Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The '56 Ford.

Alright, well if you read the description of my blog up top, you'll know that I have a highly modified 1956 Ford f100.  I figured I should take some time and describe it a little more.  First off, It now sits about 200 miles away in a shop.  It sat for quite a while, and me and my dad are having a friend fix a few exhaust leaks.

So, the story behind it.  About 10 years ago, my grandpa bought it from an old man who didn't know much about it.  The truck was his kid's pride and joy.  The old man said the kid went to college.  Everyone in the town is pretty sure the kid died.  My grandpa then promptly put it up on the lift in his garage and never drove it.  Me and my dad bugged him forever, and about 2 months ago, he finally agreed to sell it to us.  That's the backstory.

Now the fun part.  What the hell it actually is.  It's a '56 Ford f100 basically body only.  The original hood was replaced with one of the fold forward show hoods.  The front suspension is from an Aerostar van to support the weight of the engine.  The paint is a matte black (eventually it will be a candy red).  Now, my favorite part.  The engine.  It is a monster.  It's a Ford 390 with an Edelbrock 4 Barrel carb on it.  But that's not it.  Oh no.  The kid who originally did it had the engine bored out.  Now here's the best part.  Nobody knows exactly how big that bore is.  We *think* it's around a 426.  The original 390s (w/ the 4Barrel) were rated at 320bhp.  Some mustang ones were rated at 335bph.  Now the 426 Hemis were rated at 425bhp and 490ft/lbs torque.  Now this engine is not a hemi, but it should be pushing real close to 400bhp and 450ft/lbs torque.  In a pickup truck.  With no weight over the rear wheels.  It.  Is.  A.  Monster.


  1. I understand so little about cars... But you're happy and you like them, so it must be good... Congrats!

  2. oh wow, get pics up, sounds classy :D

  3. As soon as we get it back, I'll post up a bunch of pictures.

  4. Rex: Thanks man. I'm in love with that thing.